Christian Stress Release

Christian Stress Release

Mental Health Resources to Reduce Your Stress Everyday Between Therapy Sessions

(on-demand videos, audios + community for Christian women)

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how do you manage your mental health

The 6 days and 23 hours between therapy sessions?

Are you coping and numbing your way through the week, waiting for your next session?


That 1-hour when you won’t be so alone in your struggles. When someone else sees you, hears you and loves you no matter what.


That 1-hour where all of your hurts and fears can rest in the hands of another beautiful human, to help carry you through them.


Therapy is an incredible way to heal the heartbreaks and traumas of your past.

And it’s only 1 hour a week.


How are you getting through the other 6 days and 23 hours?


Do you have real help in those precious moments between sessions?

What if you had

Real Mental Health Help 24/7?

Every moment of every day until your next session.


Real help to:

Get you through the stress and mental health struggles

Quiet the storms of panic and anxiety inside of you

Not be alone in it all

Real mental health help, in addition to your therapy sessions, to get you through every moment of your life.

This life is a hard one. You weren’t meant to do it alone. And you weren’t meant to know how to do it all. That’ why I’m here to help you.

Hi, I'm laura

A mental health practitioner, a survivor of abuse in both childhood and adulthood, and a prodigal daughter who came back to faith in 2021 (after Atheism and the New Age Occult left me suicidal and possessed by 2 demons).


Between trauma and spiritual warfare, I’ve struggled with mental health most of my life.


As I learned how to navigate these struggles, I found mental health resources that truly worked to quiet the stress, release my emotions and bring me back to the beautiful woman God designed me to be.


I realized that this kind of mental health help didn’t exist outside of therapy (at least not from a Christian perspective), so I created it for you.

Photo of Laura with "Jesus" written on her shirt

So you’re not alone in your struggle, without proper help.


And because you deserve to live and thrive as the beautiful woman God created you to be too 


Learn the science of stress (from God’s perspective), the mental health resources that turn it off, and how to rest in the state of peace in your mind and body.

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Mental Health Resources to Reduce Your Stress Everyday Between Therapy Sessions

(on-demand videos, audios and community for Christian women)