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7 Ways to Turn Off Your Panic and Anxiety (Attacks)

Have you ever had a panic or anxiety attack? Join me to learn how to turn them off using mental health techniques.

7 ways to turn off your panic and anxiety attacks

Panic and anxiety attacks.


Have you ever had one?


If so, you know how hard they are to live with. And how hard they are to turn off.


Today I want to share 7 amazing mental health resources with you, to turn off your panic and anxiety (attacks). So you can spend your days resting in peace with Jesus.

What are Panic and Anxiety Attacks?

But what exactly is a panic or anxiety attack?


To get the right help for you, you need to first understand the problem you’re struggling with.


From a felt perspective: they’re the overwhelming sensations that consume every ounce of your mind and body. 


Making you believe that your life is over.


That danger is lurking, out to get you, and that you need to do everything in your power to survive.


Often this feels like the need to turn off the world around you so you can find some peace within.


They paralyze you in this helplessness where you feel so trapped in your own mind and body. Leaving you feeling like you have no way of getting out.


From a psychological perspective: they’re your brain flipping you into survival mode (also called Fight or Flight). This is to help you survive the “danger” that your brain is convinced is out to get you.


The problem is that there’s no danger out there, so it’s an irrational response of your brain.


*NOT YOUR FAULT. Yet still, an irrational response of your brain.

My Own Struggle

I’ve struggled with these levels of panic and anxiety for years.


Growing up in a community where abuse hurt me, I spent my childhood wrecked with panic and anxiety attacks.


They were so severe, I honestly didn’t know that peace was a real thing until my 30’s. I only knew the fluctuations between mild anxiety to full-blown PTSD attacks.


Whenever anyone would try to help me, it felt like they only made it worse. Digging the grip in tighter in my chest.


Nothing they ever said or did helped. 


But neither did anything I ever said or did.


It wasn’t until I discovered mental health, that I was able to feel peace for the first time within myself. 


The tools used for stress, trauma and PTSD (different than talk therapy) changed me. 


They showed me a part of myself that I had never experienced before. And they gave me power over the evil that was consuming me so ferociously.


So much so, that I changed my career just to learn them deeper. And to help other women find that kind of freedom within too.


Which is why I’m such a huge fan of mental health and telling everyone about it. Specifically these tools for stress, panic and anxiety.


They’ve given me the ability to turn OFF my panic and anxiety attacks. 


Really well. 


And in a short amount of time (which is so crucial when getting help).

What are These Tools and How Do They Work?

The tools specific to panic and anxiety (attacks) are called Grounding Techniques. 


They work to ground your brain and body back down into the present moment (of safety).


Remember, your panic and anxiety attacks are your brain thinking that danger is lurking. These techniques work to show your brain that there’s no danger out there, proving to it that you’re actually safe. 


This helps your brain let go of that irrational panic response (of Fight or Flight). 


When that releases, you naturally shift back into the state of Rest & Digest. What I like to call the state of peace and rest. 


This is the present moment. Where you’re aware of yourself, your surroundings and your life.

Here are the 7 techniques that I use daily with myself, and the women in my Membership:

  1. Reminders – reminding your brain of the date, your location and your age (where you are in life right now)
  2. Breath – using your breath to speak to your brain and body about your safety
  3. Gratitude – flooding your brain with only good thoughts to change what it’s focusing on
  4. Pressure – feeling the sensations on your skin and thinking only of those sensations
  5. Orientation – describing things in your room and the stories behind them
  6. Oscillation – moving your feet in a running motion to simulate the Flight response (running away from the “danger”)
  7. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, Tapping) – stimulating acupressure points to calm and quiet your brain and body


All of these techniques work to speak to your brain and body about your present safety. This helps them shift you out of your panic or anxiety attack, back into the present moment.


Some are physical exercises working with your body to change your mind.
Some are psychological exercises, working with your mind to change your body.


Both your mind and body are playing a part in your panic and anxiety. So you can approach turning it all off by starting at either end.

Where to Find These Techniques

So where do you find these techniques to help you turn off your panic and anxiety (attacks)?


In the Christian Stress Release Membership.


I created an entire series of videos just devoted to these techniques, so you’d have access to them 24/7.


When you need them most. Day or night, at home or on the go, no matter how intense the panic or anxiety (attacks) are.


It’s called “Overwhelm, Panic and Anxiety”. You can find it here (along with a bunch of other videos and techniques to help you with your stress and anxiety).


If you’ve ever struggled with any amount of overwhelm, panic or anxiety (the kind that’s consumed you and wrecked you), these techniques are for you. 


You deserve this kind of help. You deserve a life filled with peace, rest and presence with God.


Gift yourself this kind of help. Lean into God (and me on camera) to help yourself get through these panic and anxiety attacks. 


You deserve it.


Join me in the Membership. I’ll guide you in turning all of that off, so you can just be you again. (and get on with your busy days).


I’m praying for you

   – L aura