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Let’s Talk About Stress

Let's talk about stress, God's creation, design

How many times do you feel stressed in a day?

Let's Talk About Stress

How many times a day do you feel stressed? From the alarm waking you up, to the coffee not brewing properly, that awful commute, your annoying boss or colleague, the stacks of paperwork on your desk, your kids screaming, your plans changing, the weather impeding and Lord help you if you turn on the news at any point during the day.


Stress is such a part of our lives, we can’t even imagine being alive without it. We live it. We breath it. We’re perpetually stuck in it.


We know that Jesus calls us to live in His peace and rest in his yoke, but how do we even do that? How do we bridge the gap between the spiritual peace of Jesus and physical stress we experience as humans?


We learn how God designed us and work within that design to counter the attacks of the enemy.


If we understand how God created us, we can begin to understand how we’re meant to live on this earth. From there we can figure out how satan is attacking us, and work around him to come back to the beautiful women that God designed us to be.

Where do we begin?

By learning the science behind God’s creation of your body and mind.


This is the science of mental health. It will give you a deeper understanding of where stress comes from, why it lingers and how to use mental health techniques to release it.


Let’s dive in.

What Is Stress?

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain from the challenges that come our way in life. It’s our brains and bodies way of reacting to these challenges.


It does this through the activation of our nervous systems.  Our nervous systems are the connection between our brains and bodies. They’re responsible for things like movement, exercise and that awful S-word stress.


Contrary to popular belief, stress is not just bad. It’s actually a whole spectrum of nervous system states, which range from good to bad.




Hear my out on this one…


From a clinical perspective, stress includes the whole spectrum of bodily reactions from good to bad:

The stress spectrum includes 4 types of stress from good stress to bad stress

It starts with No Stress – calm, relaxed, peaceful (like Jesus designed us to be). It then moves all the way up to High Stress – panic, anxiety, trauma and PTSD (the darkness of satan).


The Good Stress we experience includes the No and Low Stress states.

The Bad Stress we experience includes the Moderate and High Stress states.


We’ll dive deep into these states in the coming posts. For now, just know that God designed us perfect, to handle this dark world that we’re living in, and gave us resources like mental health to find His peace in it.

Here’s to coming back to the state of peace and rest, the peace of Jesus and the woman God designed you to be.


You deserve that

   – Laura