Christian Stress Release

Stress Release

for Christian women


Mental Health Resources to Reduce Your Stress Everyday Between Therapy Sessions

(on-demand videos, audios and community for Christian women)

What's the Membership?

An online library of videos and audios, where mental health resources are guided generically, to help you turn off the stress you’re struggling with everyday in between your therapy or trauma coaching sessions.


It gives you 24/7 access to real mental health resources, so you can turn off your stress, move through your hard emotions and come back to the state of peace in your mind and body.


Every moment, of every day.

Are you ready to experience...


in your body,

from the lack of stress you’re carrying around everyday?


in your mind,

without the burden of endless thoughts, fears and worries consuming you?


in your heart,

from knowing that you are safe and held in the arms of Jesus no matter what?

What Women Are Saying...

Ahh I am so thankful I found your account. I need to try all of this. It’s so refreshing to see a Christian who teaches these methods. I am honestly so relaxed after just watching your videos I could seriously fall asleep!

Monique S.

Your voice is so comforting! Thank you so much for creating these videos. Your channel is an answer to my prayers! So excited to watch more of your videos. Praise Jesus!

Lilly B.

I really appreciate it, you have really changed my life with your videos and experience. Love you.


Wow! That helped so much! Thank you so much!

Amber S.

Laura is truly one a kind. She’s very warm, relaxed and friendly. I immediately felt comfortable. I would most definitely recommend working with her.

(Former Client)

How does the Membership work?

Once signed-up, you’ll have access to the entire collection of videos and audios, along with the Community, all from your private member-only dashboard.

This includes:


Guided mental health resources to help you de-stress daily (over 15 videos and audios)


A Community to connect, learn and grow alongside other women with


In-depth teaching on the science of stress and behind the scenes of each resource (10 videos and audios)


Ebooks for every Collection (see below)



An easy to use website to access your Membership, plus an app to take it with you everywhere you go


A mental health practitioner (Laura), to answer any questions, offer support and advice, and help you tailer these resources to your needs

Graphics of the Membership and Community on different tech devices

What Does the Membership Include?

3 Collections to Help You Turn Off Your Stress

Sad woman with messy mascara and a paper held over her mouth with a drawn smile on it.

Work through the stress and emotions you’re carrying in your everyday life.

With videos to:

  • Gently melt away your emotions like stress, shame, fear, sadness and anger (using Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT, Tapping)
  • Safely let go of any shame you’re carrying around not loving yourself fully, from body image to weight loss (using Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT, Tapping)
Woman with her head down, eyes closed, hands clasped together in prayer

Work through the stress and emotions you’re carrying in your everyday life, in the arms of Jesus.

With audios to:
  • Let Jesus hold you through the tears, fears and struggles (using Inner Child Work Meditation)
Woman with her hands held together over her chest looking up to the sky in distress.

Safely and gently quiet the overwhelm, panic and anxiety inside of you.

With videos to:

  • Gently quiet your overwhelm, panic and anxiety, so you can rest in the state of peace in your mind and body (using a variety of Grounding Techniques)
  • This Collection works to release both the symptoms of overwhelm, panic and anxiety; as well as panic/anxiety attacks and trauma triggers

A Community of Women to Share Your Journey With

Photo of women smiling

Connect, learn and grow alongside other Christian women interested in mental health.

A space to:

  • Join alongside a mental health practitioner (Laura) to help you tailor these resources to your needs
  • Ask questions without judgement to learn and grow deeper in your understanding of mental health
  • Pray with and for each other through the ups and downs of your mental health journey

BONUS: 2 Collections to Learn About Your Stress + Membership

Woman holding her leather jacket open with a t-shirt underneath it reading "Mental Health Matters".

Learn more about your stress and the mental health techniques that can help release it in the present moment.

With videos to:

  • Explore the different techniques offered in this Membership, how they’re working, and try them for yourself
  • Take a tour of how God designed your mind and body to operate, and learn how satan has distorted that beautiful creation to cause this stress
Woman smiling while on her laptop with coffee.

Take a tour of your Membership, what mental health resources are included, and how to navigate the tech side of it.

With videos to:

  • Get acquainted with your Membership, the Collections and mental health resources included
  • Walk through the tech side of your Membership to understand where everything is and how to use it

Wondering If This is Really For You?

This IS a Great Fit for You if:

You’re looking for help with the stress from your everyday life

You’re needing relief from your stress and mental health struggles so you can get back to being the beautiful woman God created you to be

You’re already in therapy or trauma coaching to heal the root cause(s) of your mental health

You need quick, on-demand help that fits your schedule

You love Jesus and want to fuse Him with your mental health care

This is NOT a Great Fit for You if:

You’re looking for 1-on-1 personal mental health care

You’re needing help to heal the root causes of your mental health struggles

You’re struggling with suicidal ideation, planning or attempts. Please seek 1-on-1 help from a licensed mental health practitioner if you’re struggling with any of these things. You can find links to practitioners here.

You’re not a fan of Jesus and don’t want Him in your mental health care

What you're getting...

Over 4.5 hours of mental health resources + 1 live monthly group session

If you were to hire mental health professionals for 1:1 time, you’d be paying:

  • Therapy (4.5 hrs) $675

    (60-minute sessions are $150 on average)

  • Trauma Coaching (4.5 hrs) $900

    (60-minute sessions are $200 on average)


  • 8 Ebooks of Mental Health Techniques w/Instructions $650

    (Step-by-step instructions of each technique to help you turn off your stress)

  • A Course on the Science of your Stress $300

    (A deep dive into the science of your stress)

  • Behind the Scenes of the Mental Health Resources $100

    (A background education with how-to's and practice rounds)

  • Direct guidance from Laura for personal assistance Invaluable

    (Get personalized help with your specific needs)

Full Membership Value:  $1,725 – $1,950+

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Best Deal

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

(no questions asked)

This is mental health. Not every resource or practitioner will be right for you.


I want you to be able to find the right resources for you, and not waste your money on things that aren’t a good fit.


If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the Membership, you can receive a FULL REFUND (no questions asked) within the first 30-days of your paid subscription (monthly or yearly).

Instructions on how to obtain your refund can be found HERE.

Still Have Questions?

Check out the frequently asked questions.

The information and techniques found on this Website and within the Membership Site are not replacements for psychological or physician care, or medication. Laura Prechel is not a licensed physician, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or health care provider. The Website, all of the information and techniques it holds, the Membership Site and all of the information and techniques it holds do not cure disorders or any other mental health issues. Laura Prechel and Christian Stress Release make no warranty, guarantee, or prediction as a result of your use of the information and/or techniques offered within this Website and the Membership Site. The information and/or techniques offered in this Site and in the Membership Site are here to teach you therapeutic practices based in Psychology and Chinese Medicine that address the emotional side effects of triggering life events.


By using the information and/or participating in the techniques offered within this Website and the Membership Site, it is possible to experience some emotional distress and/or physical discomfort related to stressful or traumatic experiences you may have had earlier in your life. By viewing this Website, signing up for emails, enrolling in the Membership Site and/or practicing any or all of the techniques described herein, you agree to stop any technique provided herein should your participation in these techniques inadvertently activate distressing reactions in you (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually). You agree to consult with your licensed health care provider(s) for any specific medical or psychological problems and to continue any medical or psychological treatment you may be currently receiving.


By viewing this Website, signing up for emails, enrolling in the Membership Site and/or practicing any or all of the techniques described herein, you signify your acceptance of this Legal Disclaimer, hereby taking full liability for your actions, symptoms, emotions and any other physical, mental, emotional or spiritual reaction you may experience from using the information and/or techniques described herein. Use or reliance of any information and/or techniques contained and/or offered within this Website, in emails subscribed to or in the Membership Site is solely at your own risk.


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