Christian Stress Release

My Secret to Saving Money on Mental Health 

With inflation and financial demands, how do you afford all the mental health care you need?

My secret to saving money on mental health (therapy and trauma coaching sessions)

How strained is your wallet these days?


Between groceries, mortgages (or rent), gas, activities, insurance, taxes… everything just keeps getting more expensive.


Mental health included.


$100-200 per 60-minute session adds up so quick.


How do you afford all the sessions to heal your trauma, and get through the stressors of your life?

Wasting Money in Therapy

When I first started therapy, I was a mess. 


I had so much going on, no matter how determined I was to only focus on my trauma, I’d fail. I’d talk endlessly about my upset at the grocery store, the guy who cut me off in traffic, all the drama in my family, and occasionally mix in the trauma from my past abuse.


It was cathartic to have someone listen to me and love me no matter what.


But it was so expensive.

After a few months, I realized I couldn’t afford to just ramble about what was most pressing in that moment. I needed to stay focused on the 1 trauma I was trying to heal at that time. I needed to pick up where I left off from the last session.


Not waste 20-30 minutes in the beginning of every session venting about my week.


I sobbed for a few weeks about my brokenness and broke-ness. Then I picked myself up, wiped myself off and stepped into my self-reliance to figure it out.


(I wasn’t a Christian. Without Jesus, I was the best I could do for getting the help that I needed.)

Self-Reliance Brought Me Here

I buckled down and committed to working through my weekly stresses on my own. So that therapy could be focused solely on healing my past trauma.


I knew how to do this. I had just certified in one of the best mental health techniques for stress:


Emotional Freedom Techniques (also called EFT or Tapping)

EFT is a fusion of psychology and acupressure that turns off the stress response, releases the negative emotions you’re feeling, and brings you back to the state of peace and rest.


Here’s 2 awesome videos of me introducing it and teaching it. Along with 2 whole playlists of me guiding you through your emotional and womanly struggles using it.

It was hard.


I wanted so bad for someone to listen to me and carry me through it all. But I knew that healing my trauma mattered more. 


Everyday when the stress and triggers came, I sat down (or curled up) and released my stress using this technique.


Somedays I had to force myself to do it (angry). 


When I didn’t, I wasted those precious hours in therapy on the mundane stress of my life. And my trauma didn’t heal.


Over time, it started to become second nature. Whenever I got stressed, I stopped what I was doing, and I used EFT to work through it.


In less than 20-minutes, I could be free of my stress and back to myself again. I could rest in a peace I hadn’t known before.


My therapy sessions stayed focused on healing my trauma, which made them so much more valuable (and worth the money).


The more stress I released, the more I loved mental health. I took additional trainings on stress and trauma to build my “toolkit” of resources. My ability to reduce my everyday stresses was growing.

Sharing These Secrets with the World

All of this happened in 2020 when the world was collapsing down around us. No one was ok. As time went on and life grew worse, I realized that the struggles I was facing weren’t unique to me.


I wasn’t so broken that I was a special case study.


I was actually more normal than I realized. And everyone needed more help.


🤍 Help with the trauma from their past.

🤍 Help with the pandemic and the apocalyptic conditions of the world.

🤍 Help with the mundane stressors that satan had not given up dishing out to people.


So I shifted my focus off of individual sessions. I was struggling to do those anyways with the state of my mental health.


And I veered into the magical world of online entrepreneurship. I created an online resource of stress reduction tools for women. 


So that no matter where they were, or what they were struggling with, they had real help too.


I used the exact techniques I was using every single day for my stress. And I recorded myself guiding them generically on video and audio (from the comfort of my living room).


When I came back to faith in Jesus in 2021, I surrendered it all to Him and turned it Christian.


And Christian Stress Release was born. 💗

So How Do You Save Money on Therapy?

You work through your everyday stress on your own, in between your sessions. So that your paid therapy (or trauma coaching) sessions can be devoted solely to healing your past traumas and hurts.


If you’re struggling with stress and mental health, there is more help available to you. 


Real mental health resources to help you turn off your stress anytime, anywhere.


So you don’t have to keep wasting those precious (and expensive) hours of therapy on your everyday stressors. You can truly use that time to heal the pains of your past.


All of your stress matters. All of it deserves attention and help. You shouldn’t have to hire another therapist or coach just to get through the everyday struggles of your life.


Join me here for online mental health resources to turn off your stress everyday.


So you can spend your therapy sessions healing from your past, and save some $ along the way.


Get started today right here.


I’m praying for you

   – L aura