Christian Stress Release

The Trouble of the World (John 16:33)

Woman covering her face with her hands. This world is hard and filled with trouble. With Jesus we have hope for eternal salvation, life without trouble. We get peace right now just in knowing this.

This world is hard. Knowing Jesus and the promise of eternal salvation brings peace.

The Trouble of the World

We live in a fallen world. A cursed world. A deeply troubled world. We struggle with death, disease, heart-ache and heart break. We’re broken humans, suffering, struggling and grasping for a savior.


In need a savior.


Jesus is that Savior. The Savior of the fallen world.

Jesus’ Message of Peace

In this passage Jesus is teaching us how to find His peace through a 3 part message:

1. The Promise of the Holy Spirit

“I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace.”

This verse caps off a sermon on the Holy Spirit. Jesus promises that He’s leaving the disciples to go back where He came from; the Father. He promises that He will return again to them on earth. And He promises that once He returns they will have full access to the truth of the Father in Heaven.


They will have His Holy Spirit.


On Pentecost, He will baptize them with His Holy Spirit. They will never be without Him.


The Prince of Peace living inside of them; inside of us.


Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

2. Acknowledgement of Our Pain

“In this world you will have trouble.”

After describing the promise of the Holy Spirit and all that it entails, Jesus acknowledges one massive truth.


This world sucks. And it’s going to be hard.


Knowing Him is not going to bring safety and freedom in this life.


We were hoping for safety. Hoping for freedom from our pain and suffering. Wanting it so bad.

But God said no. We have a devil leading us and everyone around us to sin. We hurt God, we hurt ourselves, we hurt each other. We must pay the consequences for this hurt. In this world, we will experience trouble.


3. The Promise of Eternal Salvation

“But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

God doesn’t leave us hanging. Take heart my dear sister. Be filled with courage to make it through.


For we have the living God inside of us, and He has promised us everlasting life!


No matter what happens in this life, we are promised eternal life free from pain and suffering.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve lived enough supernatural salvations to know that Jesus is King, and His promises are true. We will have life after death. We will have life without evil. Sister, we will be free from the pain soon.


Take heart! He has overcome the fallen world.

How This Brings Us Peace

How does knowing that heaven is coming, bring us peace?


Fear of the unknown and the dangers that lurk, are the source of our panic. We live in the fear that the past will repeat itself, or the future will be worse. We’re drowning in the dialogues of “what if…” and “but it happened before…”.


When we know Jesus, and have a relationship with Him, we know that we’re safe.


Regardless of what happens to us in this life, He has us and our best interest in mind. Yes, there will be pain and suffering. Yes it will be hard. But sister, heaven is still coming.


When our brains understand this truth, they can rest. Even if the pain comes, it will pass. God will lead us closer to Him. God will bring us to heaven in the end. We can get through it.


That knowledge gives our brains the reassurance they need to not panic.


With Jesus, we know it ends well. He has overcome the devil and all the pain and suffering of this world. Once it’s over, we’re home free.


This puts our minds at rest, which puts our nervous systems at rest, which puts our bodies at rest. The physiological state of Rest and Digest. 


Peace. Calm. 


On this side of heaven. 


All from knowing that Jesus has overcome the world, and that we will be in heaven soon.


He wasn’t joking when He said we could find peace just knowing Him.


I’m praying for you

   – L aura