Christian Stress Release

Until the Pain Ends (Revelation 21:4)

Woman standing in a room crying. Jesus promises to wipe every tear away in the end. Until the pain is over, we need resources to get through this life.

Jesus promises an end to our pain, where He’ll wipe ever tear away. Until then, how do we get through?

We have the promise that life will be filled with pain and tears. Someday soon, Jesus will wipe those tears away, destroy satan and recreate the world. Until that day comes, and until all the pain ends, we need to survive this life.


How do we lean into the Spirit and our own mental health to do that?

Until the Pain Ends

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, our Messiah, comes salvation from the pain of this fallen world.


Freedom is coming.


Until that day, we need help to get through this pain. Thankfully, God never leaves us hanging, and He’s given us 2 incredible gifts to get through this:


  1. Jesus’s Holy Spirit
  2. Mental health techniques

Supernatural Assistance

One of the beautiful things about God is that He provides everything we need to get through life.


He is with us supernaturally, comforting us, teaching us, and speaking truth about the world to us. He wants to help us make it through.


We are never alone in this journey.


Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have access to the perfect peace of Jesus. Additionally, we have all 9 fruits of the Spirit, filling us whenever we need. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are available to us always.


This supernatural assistance gets us through life and the pain it includes.

Physical Resources

Another way God helps us move through this pain is by working with our physical selves. He gives us resources that work with our brains and minds to release the pain.


We call this mental health; the science of how God designed our brains, bodies and minds to work.


God wants us to learn about His beautiful creation. He asks us to take care of it as He would. This includes our bodies and minds; all those thoughts we think, emotions we feel, and beliefs we carry about ourselves.


While we can find the supernatural peace of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, it’s not the only way. With mental health techniques we can do that physically.


We do this with 3 simple, yet hard steps:

  1. We start by understanding how God created us to operate in this world. This is the science of mental health; the understanding of how our brains and nervous systems work.
  2. Following that, is our understanding of how satan is destroying us. This is the science of our harmful thought patterns, negative emotions and limiting belief systems.
  3. Finally, we’re given resources to move through the pain safely and effectively. These are the techniques we use to release the thoughts, emotions and beliefs. This allows us to rest in the hope and peace of Jesus naturally.


While leaning into the Spirit is amazing, we can lean into God’s creation to find freedom from pain as well.

Beautiful Fusion

What would happen if we fused these 2 together, combining the Holy Spirit with mental health?


A beautiful fusion of your faith with techniques to help you find freedom from pain on this side of heaven.


It’s not too good to be true. 


Fusing mental health with the Holy Spirit gives us access to the power of God and how He created us. It allows us to safely and gently release the negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs in His name.


With this fusion, we can live our lives closer to the way God intended us to. Never compromising our faiths; only honoring the beautiful gifts God’s given us.


That’s what Christian Stress Release is all about.


Guiding you towards releasing your stress, using mental health techniques fused with the Holy Spirit. We’re here to help you find freedom from your pain on this side of heaven. All in the name of Jesus.


Someday soon, Jesus will wipe every tear from our eyes. Until then, we’re here to hold you through them.


I’m praying for you

   – L aura