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Mental Health Disclaimer

This membership is for 18 year olds and older. The remainder of this question will only be in regards to the techniques, and not the videos/audios and services included in this Membership itself.


Yes, many of the techniques used in this Membership are wonderful with kids. They need to be tailored to their specific age range to ensure proper safety with emotions, painful memories and brain development, as well as words that speak to kids in their stage of development.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, Tapping) is a wonderful technique to teach kids, in a modified form. Here’s a great video introducing tapping to kids. Here’s a playlist (including that great video) for more information on tapping with kids. Here’s a blog with 3 different tapping diagrams of tapping points to use with kids of different ages.


Many of the Grounding techniques can also be used with kids in a modified form:


  • Date, Age, Location and Reminders (modify reminders to match their age level)
  • 1:2 Ratio Breath (just have them make their exhale suuuuuper long)
  • Pressure (any sensation on the skin will help bring their attention to their body and not the emotions – try a self hug with the arms or squeezing the hands/palms together, and just have them notice the sensations (warmth, sweaty, soft, etc.))
  • Orienting (modified to have them talk casually about an object in the room and inquire about a funny story to get them focusing on the story and something light instead of the emotions)
  • Pressure + 1:2 Ratio Breath (again, any pressure on the skin plus deep breaths with suuuuuper long exhales will help shift their brains to the present moment)

Not in the confines of this membership.


Mental health is comprised of a multitude of factors, including: current stressors, past experiences and traumas, diet, environmental toxins, etc. To heal Mental Health, you need to take a deep dive into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health with trained professionals who can assess your specific needs and provide tailored guidance specifically designed for you.


An online membership of pre-recorded videos is not going to bring about healing. It is simply a resource to release the stress and negative emotions in the present moment, which can bring about relief to your symptoms.

When done correctly with a practitioner guiding you, EFT and ICW can release the layers of trauma/PTSD from your mind, body and nervous system, in essence healing your trauma.


This is only done safely and effectively through one-on-one sessions with a trained professional who will guide you safely and gently into your subconscious mind and body (where the trauma is stored). 


You can find mental health practitioners of all varieties here.



The risk of re-traumatization is extremely high and can be incredibly dangerous. Mental health is a very delicate part of you, and can shift from a state of calm into a state of shutdown very quickly, leading to suicidal ideation or suicide. These techniques are only to be used with present day emotions and stressors when used alone.

Legal Disclaimer

The information and techniques found on this Website and within the Membership Site offered are not replacements for psychological or physician care, or medication. Laura Prechel is not a licensed physician, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or health care provider. The Website, all of the information and techniques it holds, the Membership Site offered and the information and techniques it holds do not cure disorders or any other mental health issues. Laura Prechel and Christian Stress Release make no warranty, guarantee, or prediction as a result of your use of the information and/or techniques offered within this Website and the Membership Site offered herein. The information and/or techniques offered on this Site and in the Membership Site offered are here to teach you therapeutic practices based in Psychology and Chinese Medicine that address the emotional side effects of triggering life events.


By using the information and/or participating in the techniques offered within this Website and the Membership Site, it is possible to experience some emotional distress and/or physical discomfort related to stressful or traumatic experiences you may have had earlier in your life. By viewing this Website, signing up for emails, enrolling in the Membership Site and any or all of the offerings and/or practicing any or all of the techniques describe herein, you agree to stop any technique provided herein should your participation in these techniques inadvertently activate distressing reactions in you (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually). You agree to consult with your licensed health care provider(s) for any specific medical or psychological problems and to continue any medical or psychological treatment you may be currently receiving.


By viewing this Website, signing up for emails, enrolling in the Membership Site or any or all of the offerings and/or practicing any or all of the techniques described herein, you signify your acceptance of this Legal Disclaimer, hereby taking full liability for your actions, symptoms, emotions and any other physical, mental, emotional or spiritual reaction you may experience from using the information and/or techniques described herein. Use or reliance of any information and/or techniques contained and/or offered within this Website, in emails subscribed to or in the Membership Site offered is solely at your own risk.


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