Christian Stress Release


Christian Stress Release was birthed out of a deep need for mental health resources available at your fingertips every hour of every day

Mental health struggles can surface anytime, anywhere. The techniques available in this membership offer you mental health resources that you can use whenever you need.

Hi, I'm Laura

I’m a clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (EFT, Tapping), a woman who’s lived through significant mental health struggles, and a prodigal daughter who’s now surrendered her entire life to Jesus.


In the first 34 years of my life, I lived through childhood abuse, domestic violence relationships, chronic health issues, demon possession and the trauma/PTSD from it all.


Through the power and grace of Jesus Christ, I have found more healing than I could have ever imagined.


Sharing Christian Stress Release is now my gift back to Him and to you all, to find hope in the darkness and resources to come back into the light.

All in the name of Jesus.


No matter what you’re struggling with right now, you are not alone.

Professional photo of Laura Prechel, found of Christian Stress Release, Sunny mountain meadow. Christian Stress Release - an on-demand video and audio library of mental health techniques to help Christian women release stress and find peace and balance in their everyday lives

I don’t know your direct experience, but I know what it’s like to fear death, fear satan and fear abuse from the people you trust and love. These mental health techniques fused with your Christian faith offer a beautiful way to release that fear.


I hope and pray this membership, and the techniques and resources within, offer you hope and a way out of the darkness, all while pointing you to the King.


I’m praying for you, love.

 – Laura    

What We Believe

The Life and Work of Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus is the living Son of God and the only One who can save us from the struggles we face in this world. We believe the Holy Christian Bible is the infallible word of God and the source of all truth in this world. We believe that the Holy Spirit lives and dwells in all believers, giving them power to overcome evil. We believe that we are here to spread the good news that our Messiah, our Savior, has come to save us all. We believe that in the name of Jesus, mental health can be restored in all hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

The Apostle's Creed