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What I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago About Stress and Mental Health

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As I look back and examine who I used to be, there’s so much wisdom I wish I could impart on my younger self. 

What do I wish I knew 10 years ago about stress and mental health?

Have you ever looked back and wondered how you got through life without the knowledge you carry today?


I honestly don’t know how I managed to survive all the stress, mental health crises and rock bottoms that I did. I’ve been through so much in my life. But by the grace of God, I did.


As I look back and examine who I was, there’s so much wisdom I wish I could impart on my younger self. Truths about life, stress, mental health, dysfunction, relationships… they could have carried me so much further.


Instead, I’ll share them with you today, so that maybe it can help you in your journey to peace.

What I Wish I Knew


I wish I knew that stress compounded. 


That bottling it up and pretending I was fine, was a form of running away from my problems. That it wouldn’t get rid of anything, and didn’t make me noble. And that it would build inside of me, hurting me in the long run. Usually in an all out mental health crises.


I wish I knew that mental health issues didn’t go away on their own, either. 


That they were there because of trauma and pain that needed attention and healing. That the only way to release them from my mind and body was through Jesus and real mental health help. And without healing them, I would only suffer worse every year, no matter how hard I tried to be different.


I wish I knew that deep breathing could change everything inside of me. 


That caffeine, alcohol, food, work, shopping, exercise and sex couldn’t. That the world was an empty lie of addictions that would never save me. But that God created me with a body that could regulate itself, calming my mind by simply breathing.


I wish I knew that running towards God would heal me, and letting go of everything else would save me.


That clinging to the world would trap me further in satan’s snare, eventually leading me to potential death. That Jesus was, is and always will be the only God and Source of true peace and healing. And that He never caused anything bad in my life, but was actually my way out of it all.


I wish I knew that bravery and courage existed in getting help, not running away from it.


That traveling the world, launching my own business or climbing the tallest mountains were actually acts of cowardice. And were me running away from the only good I had in my life. That real bravery and courage lie in facing your mental demons, as well the spiritual ones around you. Every. Single. Day.


I wish I knew that the world couldn’t change anything for me.


That it would only make my stress and mental health worse. That getting real help from professionals was noble and brave, and would lead to lasting healing and change. And that Jesus is the only Savior who can actually change it, heal it, and make it all go away.


I wish I knew 10 years ago that I was truly a child of God. 


A daughter of the One true King. An heir to heaven, and the inheritance He laid out for me. Perfect in the eyes of Jesus, worthy of everything.


Looking Back and Looking to Jesus

It’s hard to look back and realize how much life you’ve missed. Because of the mistakes you’ve made and the things you’ve run from.


Knowing these things could have saved me so much time, energy and truly my life. All of which I lost, and almost lost so many times.


But you can’t go back. You can only let Jesus into your heart and allow Him to heal it. All those broken pieces that you thought would never be whole again.


Jesus can heal those and make you complete.


Don’t let your past dictate your future. You can always start right now with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Lean into mental health to help you release your stress and heal your mental health struggles.

Lean into Jesus to restore your peace and make your heart whole again.


Then stand strong in the incredible, beautiful woman that God created you to be.

Mental Health Resources

If you’re looking for mental health resources to help you release your stress or heal your mental health struggles:

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Check out the Membership, an on-demand library where I guide stress reduction resources generically. It gives you access to real mental health resources, 24/7, to reduce your stress in between therapy sessions. And teaches you all about how God created to be to help.

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Check out these Practitioner Directories for lists of therapists and trauma coaches. They will help you heal the pains of your past mentally and emotionally.

I’m praying for you

   – L aura

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