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Ep 02 | My Testimony (of Abuse, Trauma, Rebellion, Sin and Salvation in Jesus Christ)

Jesus standing near woman kneeling, His hands in hers. Caption reads "Mental Health with Jesus, By Stress Release for Christian Women".

Hey Beautiful Lady,


Today I’m sharing my testimony of mental health and Jesus. It’s a tough story of abuse, trauma, hating and blaming God, running away from and rebelling from God, almost dying multiple times at the hands of satan, and running back into the arms of Jesus.


I hope you’ll join me for this journey of how Jesus saved my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And is healing the broken parts of me now through His unwavering grace and love.


* This one is definitely not suitable for kids, so please listen with headphones


** If you have trauma and get triggered easily, go slow, take deep breaths, pause and come back later, read on the blog instead or just skip this one. Sometimes testimonies can be too triggering to listen to


I’m praying for you 🤍

   – L aura




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Hey Beautiful Lady,

I just moved across the country and am unable to give the weekly podcast, blog and newsletter emails the attention they need and deserve. I’m postponing them until Tuesday (7/2). If you need help healing, you can find links for Practitioners here. I’m praying for you 🤍