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Ep 03 | What is Stress Really – Intro (Part 1)

Women with her hands in her hair and head down, stressed out. Caption reads "What is Stress Really? by Stress Release for Christian Women"

Hey Beautiful Lady,


Today I’m starting our first series called “What is Stress Really?”


In this series, I’ll be talking about what stress is from a scientific standpoint, as well as a creation standpoint. I hope this better helps you understand what’s actually happening in your brain and body when you’re stressed, and why God created you this way.


Awareness is the first step to getting the right help for you. When you know what the problem really is, you can find the right resources to address is, and come back to peace in your mind and body a heck of a lot quicker.


I pray this series helps you honor your stress as the reaction inside of you (not who you are), and understand God’s intelligent design in creating you this way.


I’m praying for you 🤍

   – L aura




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