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Ep 07 | How to Find Peace Amidst War – Resources for Watching the War in Israel + Prayer for Israel

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Hey Beautiful Lady,


I’m veering away from our What is Stress Really series to talk about the war in Israel.


In this episode I’m giving you resources for how to find peace while watching war on TV – both Christian and Mental Health. 


Regardless of what war is on TV, it’s always hard, emotional and can wreck your mental health (and your faith) if you’re not careful.


In this episode I’m giving you 3 Christian resources and 3 mental health resources to help you find peace in your mind and body to stay grounded in Jesus throughout this challenging time.


God called us to stay awake and alert, to pray for Israel and to look up. It’s easy to stay awake and watch the atrocities. but we so often forget to pray and look up. Join me in resources to help you do all of these in obedience to Him right now.


I’m praying for you 🤍

   – L aura



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