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Help for Your Stress – Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, Tapping (1 of 3) (Part 2)

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Let me introduce you to our first technique for turning off your stress: Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or Tapping).

In this post, I want to introduce you to Emotional Freedom Techniques (also called EFT or Tapping). It’s our first technique in a series of 3, that’s going to help you turn off your stress. Because you deserve to find peace in your mind and body.


This is the second in a series of posts called “Help for Your Stress”. In them, we’ll cover some of the best mental health resources (techniques) that can turn your stress off. While I know that ultimately you’re looking for healing, getting help today to at least find relief is worth it.


So let’s talk about our first technique.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or Tapping) is a powerful technique that can turn off your stress. It work to quiet your mind, calm your nervous system and release any negative emotions you’re struggling with. EFT does this using two separate mental health techniques: psychology and acupressure.

Fusion of Psychology and Acupressure


The psychology part of EFT uses 2 modern therapies (Exposure and Cognitive therapies). Exposure therapy exposes you to the negative thing in your life (in this case your stress). While Cognitive therapy brings you back to thinking about something peaceful, safe and encouraging. Fusing these 2 therapies together allows your brain to think about your stress, without getting so overwhelmed by it.


In my work, I use a Christian variation for the Cognitive Therapy phrase. It’s a beautiful phrase that reminds you of Jesus’ perfect love and acceptance of you.


To learn more about the Psychology part of EFT, keep reading here.


The acupressure part of EFT uses 9 main acupressure points that you tap on with your fingertips. This sends signals of safety to your brain, allowing it to turn off your survival mode (also known as stress). Along with the stress, you’ll release any negative emotions that you’re struggling with at that time.


To learn more about the Acupressure part of EFT, keep reading here.


By fusing psychology with acupressure, you’re able to safely feel your stress and all the emotions coming with it. At the same time, you’re allowing your brain the gift of releasing it (turning it off) through the tapping. This fusion frees you from your stress and emotions, leaving you feeling peace and calm in your mind and body.

Want to Try EFT for Yourself?

If you’re wanting to try EFT for yourself, you can find it here.


I guide it in the Stress Release for Christian Women Membership. A library of videos and audios where I guide techniques (including EFT) on video for you. This gives you access to stress reduction techniques at home, available on-demand, to use whenever and wherever you need them.


Because you deserve to live and thrive in the state of peace in your mind and body.


I’m praying for you ♥︎

   – L aura

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