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Help for Your Stress – How to Use in Your Life (Part 10)

Let’s talk about how to actually implement these resources into your daily life, so you can find peace in your mind and body.

In this post, I want to talk about how to use these mental health resources (techniques) in your everyday life.


If you missed the posts on the techniques, you can find links to them here.


This is the last in a series of posts called “Help for Your Stress”. In them, we’ll cover some of the best mental health resources (techniques) that can turn your stress off. While I know that ultimately you’re looking for healing, getting help today to at least find relief is worth it.


So let’s talk about how to use these resources everyday to turn off your stress.

How to Use in Your Life

Now that you have these resources to turn off your stress, how do you use them in your everyday life?

Tips for Adding Into Your Everyday

Here are some tips for how to add each technique into your everyday life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a great way to turn off your stress and release your emotions. It can often take about 20 minutes to truly work through your current stressor or trigger. So this technique is great when you have some privacy and time.


I like to think of this technique as the “end of your stress” technique. Use this once you’ve gotten through the stress, and are now home and away from it. (Or at least in your car, or even a bathroom stall with some privacy).


Take some deep breaths, begin tapping, and walk yourself through all the details of your stress. Keep tapping through the rounds until you’ve released everything, and don’t feel any of the stress remaining. You may have some emotions surface, including tears. Keep tapping through it all until it’s gone.


Building a habit of tapping everytime you’re stressed, can help you take ownership over your stress. It’ll help you feel empowered, knowing that even if things are stressful right now, you have a proven way out of it. And, as soon as you’re alone, you can use that technique to find peace. Plus, knowing all of that can reduce your stress in and of itself. It gives you strength to hang in there until you can tap through it. 

Inner Child Work Meditation

Inner Child Work Meditation is a beautiful way to release your emotions with Jesus. It’s a meditation that needs privacy, so it’s best for when you’re alone with God at home. As a technique that releases emotions, make sure you’re schedule is clear so you’re not interrupted. You’ll want the freedom to just be with God in all of that.


I like to think of this technique as your “Jesus time”. It gives you the space to just be a mess with Him. Let it all fall out in His arms, and let Him hold you through it with wisdom and grace. While this technique is strictly psychological, we know that when you ask Jesus to help you, He always does. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in whatever ways you need in this meditation. And let Him do just that.


Get into some comfy clothes, curl up in your favorite cozy spot, wrap yourself in a blanket, and sink into it. Let the meditation guide you into watching yourself release it all with Jesus. Let the emotions flow through and out of you, knowing that you will feel some of them. Don’t worry about kleenex, just let the tears spill out. This about release, not cleanliness.


This meditation is great for when the emotions build. You could do it daily, but I like to think of it as the as-needed technique. For when things get to be too much, and you need your Savior to help get you out of them.

Grounding Techniques

Grounding Techniques are an amazing group techniques to turn off your stress quickly. They’re heavy hitters in their effectiveness and efficiency. These are the techniques you want to use throughout your day. Whether you’re out-and-about or at home, these techniques will bring you back to peace quickly. So you can back to your life.


I like to think of these as your “in your back pocket” techniques. They’re quick, often under 10-minutes; and turn off your stress efficiently. Use these as your go-to’s, for when your triggers or stressors hit, that you don’t have time to deal with. Most can be done without anyone actually noticing, so they’re great to use in public. But also at home when you’re busy or just don’t want to be stressed anymore.


As soon as you feel the stress begin to rise, use one of these techniques to turn it off immediately. So you can get back to feeling peace in your mind and body. And get back to your day.


Using these techniques multiple times throughout your day will build the habit of turning off your stress instantly. This will not only teach your brain that help is always available, but it’ll prove to your brain that stress can be temporary. That can help your brain know that stress isn’t the end-all-be-all, but just an annoying glitch in your day. Use these techniques enough, and you may even find yourself using them without realizing it. You’ll be turning off your stress in real time, combating it as soon as it comes.

Want Help Using These Techniques?

If you want help using these techniques, I have them on recording for you here. 


It’s the Stress Release for Christian Women Membership. A library of videos and audios where I guide these techniques on recording for you to have at home. This gives you access to them 24/7, to use whenever and wherever you need them.


Because you deserve to live and thrive in the state of peace in your mind and body.


I’m praying for you ♥︎

   – L aura

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