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Help for Your Stress – Inner Child Work Meditation (2 of 2) (Part 6)

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Let’s learn how to turn Inner Child Work Meditation into a Christian meditation with Jesus.

In this post, I’m continuing our discussion on Inner Child Work Meditation. If you missed the introduction to this technique, you can find it here.  Today, we’re talking about how to fuse Jesus with this technique to turn it Christian. I’m also giving you a sample tutorial if you want to try it for yourself.


This is the sixth in a series of posts called “Help for Your Stress”. In them, we’ll cover some of the best mental health resources (techniques) that can turn your stress off. While I know that ultimately you’re looking for healing, getting help today to at least find relief is worth it.


So let’s talk about how to add Jesus into this meditation.

Christian Inner Child Work Meditation

The Christian version of Inner Child Work Meditation allows you to let Jesus be the “happy you” coming into the scene. (If you missed the introduction post on this technique, which explains what this all means, you can find it here.)

Let Jesus Be Your Savior

This version let’s Jesus enter into your stress, and be the Savior to help you out of it.


It begins like the regular meditation with you visualizing yourself in the third person, noticing “stressed you” in the room. But instead of “happy you” entering the movie, you’ll watch as Jesus walks into the movie.


You’ll get to watch as Jesus holds “stressed you” in His arms, speaking truth and wisdom about your situation. He’ll hold her through the tears and emotions she’s struggling with. Then help her brain realize the truth of her situation, which will help turn off her stress. You’ll hear Him impart wisdom into her life, to carry her through the upcoming challenges. And leave her with an embrace that fills her with His perfect peace and love.


This version truly lets your Savior enter your struggles and be the Savior to help you out of them.

What God Will Do

I can’t promise what God will do in each meditation. But I can promise that it gives Jesus the chance to show up in your stress. It opens your heart to Him deeper, allowing Him to calm the storms of stress in your life. And it allows Him the space to speak truth and wisdom into your situation, to help carry you through it.


When you call on Jesus, He shows up in whatever ways you need. And this opens you up to receiving that help from Him mentally and emotionally.

Watch Jesus Hold You Through Your Stress

Do you want to watch Jesus hold you through your stress? 


Here’s a sample of how this Christian mediation goes:


  1. Find a comfortable seat or lay down (get cozy for this one, but not enough that you’ll fall asleep) 
  2. Gently close your eyes 
  3. Deepen your breath, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose (gently elongating your exhale, slower than your inhale) 
  4. Visualize yourself in this room right now, as if you’re a fly on the wall. See yourself as a 3rd person (your “stressed you”). Don’t connect to the emotional struggles that she’s carrying, but see her with them. Just notice it all. 
  5. Watch as Jesus enters the room. Notice her see Him, as He walks up to her and greets her in the way she needs to be greeted
  6. Now watch as Jesus holds her in whatever way she needs right now, to release her emotions and turn all that stress off
  7. Watch as Jesus gives her one last hug, a giant God embrace 
  8. Watch as her body melts into His, until she is completely enveloped in His light. Now watch as that light envelopes you, the observer, too 
  9. Feel His love radiate through every cell of your body, and His peace wash through you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes 
  10. When you’re ready, slowly begin to notice your body
  11. Begin to gently wiggle your fingers and your toes 
  12. On your next breath in, breath in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth
  13. When you’re ready, gently and slowly open your eyes 


If you want to let me guide you in this sample meditation, you can find a preview of it in the podcast linked above.

Want to Try the Full Meditation?

If you’re wanting to try the full meditation, you can find it here. 


I guide it in the Stress Release for Christian Women Membership. A library of videos and audios where I guide techniques (including EFT) on recording for you. This gives you access to stress reduction techniques at home, available on-demand, to use whenever and wherever you need them.


Because you deserve to live and thrive in the state of peace in your mind and body.


I’m praying for you ♥︎

   – L aura

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