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Help for Your Stress – Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, Tapping (3 of 3) (Part 4)

Picture of woman tapping on her chin acupressure point

Let’s learn about the acupressure part of Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or Tapping).

In this post, I’m wrapping up our discussion on Emotional Freedom Techniques (also called EFT or Tapping). If you missed the introduction to this technique, you can find it here.  Or the part on psychology, you can find it here. Today, we’re talking about the acupressure part of EFT (ie. the tapping).


This is the fourth in a series of posts called “Help for Your Stress”. In them, we’ll cover some of the best mental health resources (techniques) that can turn your stress off. While I know that ultimately you’re looking for healing, getting help today to at least find relief is worth it.


So let’s talk about the acupressure part.

Acupressure Part

The acupressure part of EFT is found in the tapping on acupressure points. This sends signals of safety to your brain, telling it that you’re safe and don’t need to be stressed. It’s the calming part of EFT.

The Acupressure Points

There are 9 acupressure points on your hands, face and upper torso that you tap on in EFT.

Graphic of a woman's face and a woman's body with 9 points marked, which are acupressure (tapping) points

Tapping Points:


  1. Side of the Hand – The fleshy side of your palm, under the pinky joint (tap with all 4 fingers of your opposite hand) 
  2. Top of the Head – In the center of your head where a headband would rest 
  3. Eyebrow – Inside the tip of your eyebrow hair, on the bone
  4. Side of the Eye – Side of your eye on the crows feet (those pesky wrinkles, not your temple)
  5. Under the Eye – Under your eye on the bone, in the center, in line with your pupil
  6. Under the Nose – Under your nose in the center
  7. Under the Lip (Chin) – Under your lip in the center, on the chin crease (that big wrinkle)
  8. Collar Bone – Follow your collar bones to the inner nubbins by your sternum, go down about 1″ and out about 1” (1” ~ 2.5 cm)
  9. Under the Arm – Under your arm about 4″ below your armpit, where a bra strap crosses (use your opposite arm across your body or the same arm like a monkey) 

Tips for Tapping

You can use your fingertips or your finger pads (either works great). It doesn’t matter how hard or soft you tap. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you tap. As long as you feel a sensation on the point, you’re doing it correctly.


If you’re limited in mobility, get creative. The point is to feel a sensation on the acupressure point. You can always use things in your room or someone else to help you if you can’t tap on yourself. You can also close your eyes and imagine feeling the sensation on your skin at those points. (While not as effective, your brain is powerful enough to actually believe this enough to turn off your stress).


Tapping is the calming part of EFT. It works by telling your brain that you’re safe, and don’t need to be in survival mode (ie stress). While EFT works by fusing tapping with psychology, you’ll notice yourself calming simply through tapping. I recommend doing the full EFT technique as it has the most effect. But know that the tapping can calm you down some on its own.

How to Tap With the Psychology Part

Here’s how to tap with the psychology part added in:


  1. Tap the side of your hand and say your Set-Up Statement 3 times: 

“Even though I have this [PROBLEM], I deeply and completely love and accept myself” 

  1. Tap the remaining 8 points and say your Reminder Phrase at each point:
    1. Tap the top of the Head point: “This [PROBLEM]”
    2. Tap the Eyebrow point: “This [PROBLEM]”
    3. Tap the Side of the Eye point: “This [PROBLEM]”
    4. Tap the Under the Eye point: “This [PROBLEM]”
    5. Tap the Under the Nose point: “This [PROBLEM]”
    6. Tap the Under the Lip (Chin) point: “This [PROBLEM]”
    7. Tap the Collar Bone point: “This [PROBLEM]” 
    8. Tap the Under the Arm point: “This [PROBLEM]” 
  2. Repeat steps 2 for two more rounds (2 more times) or until you feel peace in your mind and body


You can track whether your stress is fully gone by giving each part in your [PROBLEM]* a number, on a 1 – 10 scale. 10 means you feel the stress, emotion or physical sensation at the max level. 0 means you feel nothing at all; it’s completely gone. Rate each detail before you begin tapping, and write it down, then check back in on each one in between your rounds. Tap through each detail until you get it down to a 0 (1 is close enough sometimes).

If you want to try EFT out for yourself, check out the podcast linked above. Towards the end, I guide this sequence for you so you can experience it for yourself.

The Other Half of the Technique

The acupressure part of EFT is only half of the technique. The other half is psychology, which you can read and learn about here.

Want to Experience Peace from EFT for Yourself?

If you want to experience peace from EFT for yourself, you can find it here.


I guide it in the Stress Release for Christian Women Membership. A library of videos and audios where I guide techniques (including EFT) on recording for you. This gives you access to stress reduction techniques at home, available on-demand, to use whenever and wherever you need them.


Because you deserve to live and thrive in the state of peace in your mind and body.


I’m praying for you ♥︎

   – L aura

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